Welcome to my online portfolio. Here I showcase samples of my work (or awards stemming from my work) that I find noteworthy. These are not solely related to my chosen field, Computer Science, though links to CS-related topics are deliberately placed first. I have omitted documents pertaining to any innate intellectual quality of mine, because that is not the purpose of a portfolio. In the true spirit of a portfolio, I present only my work and achievements, leaving you, gentle reader, to judge me on the basis that they establish. Of course, if you would like more information regarding myself or my work, you may contact me or visit my homepage.

About this site

This site is largely database-driven, though the pages appear static to you. The backend is myPerlPortal, an opensource Perl project that I developed in order to ameliorate database load for data-driven sites. When in doubt, try the search feature. The site, as an artful work, is aleatoric.

This is the first version of my site. Click here for the current version.


You may view my résumé and/or CV if you wish to get a more terse summary of my accomplishments.

My Philosophy: “Being of nature, the entire range of human aesthetics is calibrated to perceive natural harmony, even if only to recognize anomalies for the express purpose of survival. As such, it is an intransigent imperative to comprehend, and eventually add to, this ineffable beauty as best we may, thereby finding our own places within the pattern. As intelligent beings, we are well-equipped for this task; the most powerful tools at our disposal are intelligence, creativity, and emotion. It is from this imperative and these tools that the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and the humanities arise, and at this level, they are one. Indeed, our very sense of self, as individuals and a species, derives from this idea, and to destroy any part of it is insufferable. Similarly, to deny one the capacity to perceive beauty demeans one's very purpose, and is also unforgiveable.”

--Michael Barnathan, 12/1/06

(Not precisely Renaissance Humanism, but the conclusions are the same)

Random Client Accolade

“Top notch. Always dependable. ”